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  • Architectural Digest

    “Ibiza has long been an isle of refuge and respite. Unsurprising then, that recent months have seen this Spanish island sanctuary welcome waves of world-weary émigrés, many hoping to eclipse the pandemic beneath the Mediterranean sun. From bohemian-minded creatives to billionaires and their extended families, a flurry of activity is transforming once summer-only residences into cozier year-round homes.

    With this warmly decorated contemporary villa, interior designer Natalia Miyar was well ahead of the curve. Because of Miyar’s close collaboration with her U.K.-based clients, the recently completed home was far from a rushed job. Guided by her sensibility for tactile furnishings and a strong sense of intuition, the result is a monument to the two unseen elements that define considered homemaking: time and trust.”

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    08/02/2021s, By nataliamiyar