• NJM Loves: The Blue Dining Table

  • NJM Loves: The Blue Dining Table

    Collaborating with talented craftspeople is one of the best parts of my job. I often work with Matthew Collins of Mathew Bray Decorative Arts and together we created this one-of-a-kind dining table. It has been a huge hit and looks like the most perfect puddle. Here is Matthew’s description of how he made it:

    The table top finish is achieved in highly pigmented resin, the resin being applied by trowel and then combed using a handmade one and a half metre long brush working on a spindle.

    With only about ten minutes of working time, the resin must be trowelled on, the spindle located centrally on the table and then the brush slotted onto the spindle. I then walk around the table drawing the giant brush through the resin, once I have completed about four laps, ensuring an even and aesthetically perfect distribution of resin the brush must be lifted quickly off the table without dripping resin back onto the surface.

    I then allow the resin to dry before applying a second coat, this time in a contrasting colour ( on this occasion – black) which is also allowed to dry. The whole table is then sanded to reveal the two colours and the markings left by the giant brush. We then polish the resin – phewff!!!

    Then I lie on the floor and scream for wine…

    13/02/2017s, By nataliamiyar