• Style Guide: Bedscaping My guide to making the perfect bed.

  • Style Guide: Bedscaping My guide to making the perfect bed.

    With lockdown measures still in place for so many and dinner parties feeling like a thing of the past, I thought I would share my tips on bedscaping rather than tablescaping. We are spending more time than we ever thought at home, so it’s important to create a welcoming space you want to sink into at the end of a long day of Zoom meetings. Ask anyone on my team, I’m quite particular about how I make a bed. Here is my failproof formula.

    It all starts with luxurious linens. I always choose 300 thread count or more and love to create bespoke linens with my long time collaborators at Ilinka Collection and Brins. Don’t skip on pressing the linens – nothing feels as great as crisply ironed sheets. For the duvet, the fluffier the better to create that hotel-like feeling. Be sure to tuck in all edges of the duvet for a crisp look. I often add a thick and fluffy mattress topper to make it feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.

    For accent cushions on a superking bed, I always choose three 55×55 cm cushions with two 50×50 cm cushions in front. This is where you can have fun with bold patterns and textures to bring the scheme together. A throw or two at the end of the bed adds warmth and ties the whole look together.

    15/02/2021s, By nataliamiyar