The Atelier is really a workshop of creativity


Marina Akopian

Marina was appointed Managing Director of Natalia Miyar Atelier in 2022 to manage the company’s fast-growing UK business. A seasoned executive with a background in both finance and wealth management, Marina is well versed at understanding the importance of properly defined internal business processes and structures in supporting the creative process, meeting clients’ expectations, and maintaining clients’ trust. Marina also has a passion and keen eye for art, colour, and design. Marina holds an MBA from the London Business School and has vast international business experience of over 25 years.


Mert Gurel

Mert Gurel is a qualified architect, interior designer and project manager with over 15 years of experience in luxury hospitality and private residential projects worldwide. As Studio Project Manager, he oversees all projects to ensure a smooth and timely delivery that meets our exacting standards. His passion for the luxury design industry began with his architectural studies which he followed with a master’s degree in interior design in Los Angeles. His training and extensive international experience enable Mert to have a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of a design project from concept to completion. He joined the Atelier in 2022 after managing various projects in London, Istanbul, the French Riviera and Los Angeles.


Vasiliki Houvarta

Vasiliki Houvarta is a qualified interior designer with experience in designing private residences in the luxury sector. She trained as an artist and understands the importance of attention to every detail, particularly the concept and implementation of a design. Prior to joining the atelier in 2018, Vasiliki worked at the Saatchi Gallery handling private views, sales and managing private and public events and exhibitions. Her work at the atelier includes projects in the UK, New York and Spain. As Brand Manager and Stylist, her focus is on developing the Atelier’s visual identity throughout the design process from concept to completion.


Rosario Lebrija Rassvetaieff

Rosario Lebrija Rassvetaieff is the Global Communications and Business Development Manager at Natalia Miyar Atelier. Based in our Miami office, she oversees the Atelier’s global business development, as well as public relations, social media and brand collaborations. Previous to joining the Atelier, she was Project Manager of the Prix Pictet, the leading award in photography and sustainability, and Head of the New Media and Sponsorships team at the Pictet Group. In 2020, she released a TEDx talk on the power of art and photography ‘The Future of the Image: Discover the Sublime.’ Born and raised in Mexico City, she holds a combined honours BA in Literature and International Relations from the University of Southampton and an MSc in Communication and Media Studies from the London School of Economics.