• Atelier Life: Conversations in Design

  • Atelier Life: Conversations in Design

    Launching your own business is a challenge. It is not enough to be a talented creative to make it work, you must also be diligent and consistent in your efforts. So, if you are thinking about taking the leap, you have to ask yourself: what can I build that will set me apart from the crowd? And, very if not most importantly, how will I make sure that my business has the financial structure it needs to stay afloat?

    This week I had the honour of participating in a panel discussing how designers can grow their business and tell their story. Part of a series of ‘Conversations in Design’ organized by Design Centre Chelsea Harbour as part of London’s Design Week, I shared the stage with two other talented female designers, Laura Hemmett and Naomi Astley Clarke.

  • What advice would I give young and ambitious designers who want to make it work? When the moment comes, your first client is key, as they will provide the stability and reputational validity that you will need to grow. After that, you must establish your vision and quality of work – although I am not a fan of standardizing a style or tone. My work is characterised by sophisticated layering and elegant textures, but every single project has its unique voice, which I develop closely with my clients at an individual level.

    Throughout, your focus should be on making sure the projects you take on are profitable, as the financial aspect of your business will determine whether it survives. I believe that it is only because I was able to embrace my role as both Creative and Managing Director of the Atelier, simultaneously developing a design and business strategy, that I have been able to grow NMA into what it is today.

    17/03/2023s, By nataliamiyar