• Atelier Life: How I Stay Inspired

  • Atelier Life: How I Stay Inspired

    The new year is usually busy for me with a great deal of travel. Visiting different cities and exploring has always been my greatest source of inspiration. While I am longing for the days of discovering distant places, below are some ways that I am staying creatively charged in 2021, despite the ongoing hardships and lockdown measures.

    There is so much inspiration to be found in nature. From colours to patterns, you can never be bored looking to nature for inspiration. I like to get outside for fresh air and take in my surroundings. For my Miami home project, I was inspired by the blues and greens ever present in the tropical climate.

    Materials Collage & Mood Board
    I begin every project with a materials collage. Design for me is all about the feel – the intuitive connection we have for colours and textures that resonate with us. I am always collecting images and have found peace in getting my ideas down on paper in a sketchbook.

  • Discovering New Artisans
    I love living in colour which is why art is very important to me. I am always searching for new and interesting pieces to include in upcoming projects. Instagram is a great way to discover new artists, as we cannot visit galleries or exhibitions at the moment. That is how I came across Lydia Hardwick, a London-based ceramicist who creates beautiful pottery in unexpected patterns and colour combinations. I purchased several of her pieces to style our Palace Street project.

    Looking to the Past
    I have an impressive collection of vintage coffee table books. I love the way a book can momentarily transport you to a different world. Looking to designs of the past always sparks creativity within me.

    19/01/2021s, By nataliamiyar