• Atelier Life: Living Well with Elle Decoration

  • Atelier Life: Living Well with Elle Decoration

    Today, I was delighted to appear on a panel hosted by Elle Decoration at the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour. Moderated by Elle Decoration’s Editor in Chief, Ben Spriggs, this panel covered a topic that I believe should be at the core of every interior design practice: Living Well.

    I always tell my clients, friends and family that it is vital to live beautifully to live well. By prioritizing functionality, emotional connections, natural elements, balance, and mindfulness in our design, we can create spaces that positively impact our lives.

  • A well-designed space not only looks beautiful but also functions effortlessly. Thoughtful consideration of colour palettes, proportions, and spatial arrangements can establish a sense of equilibrium that promotes relaxation and well-being. Whether through symmetrical compositions or intentional asymmetry, the balance achieved in design translates into a balanced state of mind. Harmonious spaces can inspire us, foster creativity, and provide a sanctuary from the demands of everyday life.

    22/06/2023s, By nataliamiyar