• Atelier Life: Mexico City Trip

  • Atelier Life: Mexico City Trip

    Mexico is an incredible country to visit. This year my team and I were lucky to visit on a number of occasions as we are working on a hotel project in Mexico. This particular trip was a sourcing trip and we visited some amazing suppliers and makers in search of the perfect crafts people to work on the hotel with us.

    We visited a number of markets, makers, workshops, and were so inspired by the variety of craft in ceramics, weaving, and furniture making. I believe the design should be contextual, and one of our visits was to the anthropological museum where we saw an excellent creation of traditional Mexican ceramics dating back centuries.

  • Of course for me, all trips have to include delicious food and cocktails. We had some memorable meals, most especially in Guadalajara.

    14/11/2023s, By nataliamiyar