• Entertaining: Gingerbread Party

  • Entertaining: Gingerbread Party

    Christmas has always been my favourite holiday, but it has taken on an even more special meaning with the addition of a niece and nephews to the family. One of my Christmas entertaining traditions is a gingerbread house decorating tea party that I host with my seven year old niece Rafaella. She loves party planning and we work together on the invitation, menu and guest list. This year we had fifteen children and fifteen adults!

    Every year, I set up tables in my courtyard and invite family and friends to decorate gingerbread houses. I use festive red tablecloths on the tables but need no more decorations as the gingerbread houses and bowls full of candy bring colour and whimsy to each table. I serve tea sandwiches and festive cakes on tiered serving dishes that I brought from England. Adults are served Christmas mimosas – I make ice cubes with blood orange and cranberry juices, cranberries and rosemary sprigs and top with Prosecco.

  • The decorating can get quite competitive and creative! My nephew decorated a house with a combination of lava and snow for his dinosaurs. My niece is quite meticulous about making sure her gumdrop roof is perfectly aligned.

    I have always believed that traditions are important as they build continuity and connection in families. This party is my favourite of the year because I see that tradition continuing from my generation to the next. One day I hope to be attending the party at Rafaella’s own home!

    14/12/2023s, By nataliamiyar