• NJM Loves: The Florida Keys

  • NJM Loves: The Florida Keys

    I love working with contrasting textures and I love working in shades of blues and greens. A recent trip to the Florida Keys reminded me that my taste has been so influenced by the landscapes I grew up in – it’s quite a direct reference.


    Blue and green is my favourite colour combination. This is most likely because these shades are predominately found in nature and dominate most of our planet. A long time ago someone told me that these colours clash, but to me they seem to make the most sense. They are the colours of the sea, sky and trees.


  • Texture adds dimension (quite literally) to our designs. The coral stone indigenous to Florida, the sandy beaches peppered with shells and glass, the bark of palm trees, the ripple of an ocean wave – all these elements show up in some way in my work.

    15/01/2020s, By nataliamiyar