• Style Guide: Potted Plants

  • Style Guide: Potted Plants

    I am currently obsessed with potted plants. I find the different textures and colours of living plants in my home and atelier inspiring and uplifting. Having plants indoors brings an invigorating energy to a room, something particularly welcome during dreary winter days.  Be bold and fill your house with a variety of houseplants and play with scale and texture. Use them everywhere as there is no room that doesn’t benefit from having a pop of natural green.

    Tall tree houseplants such as ficus lyrata or benjamina work well in a home as they tend to grown upright so they fit in tight corners. I love the glossy green leaves of the ficus lyrata. I also like grouping two or three plants of contrasting scale and colour on a coffee table.  Pair a delicate maidenhair fern with rose-painted calathea.  Begonia rex is a stunning highly variegated leaf in aubergine, cream and green tones that works well on its own. Succulents, which thrive on neglect, look good in a cluster on a bedside table.  I love trailing plants like ivy and string of hearts which are stylish on bookshelves.

  • As for which pots to use, a good rule of thumb is that its height should be one third of the total height of plant and pot together. I love bronze with most plants, the tone of the weathered metal looks beautiful with all shades of green.  I use beautiful vintage porcelain cache pots in my bedroom. I always keep plants in their plastic pots so I can take them out and water properly without worrying about damaging an heirloom pot.

    A delicate maidenhead fern sits on a bronzed timber table in our Relaxed project (above); a variegated ficus has the same proportion as the bookshelves (right).

    05/12/2016s, By nataliamiyar