• Style Guide: Art Deco Rugs

  • Style Guide: Art Deco Rugs

    The rugs for this project were such fun to create. I designed these rugs for Battersea Power Station, a reimagined building where the architecture honours the building’s history while aligning with the spirit of a contemporary capital city. Since the building has an Art Deco heritage, I looked at classic Art Deco rug designs for inspiration. The result is strong and bold with colour blocking, angular forms, and geometric shapes.

  • I often use art as a jumping off point and it was no different on this project. I saw some very cool designs by Francis Bacon, an Irish-born artist known for his raw, sometimes disturbing imagery. He often used abstract figures and geometric shapes, which inspired me. These rugs were beautifully made for me by Riviere Rugs.

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    31/08/2020s, By nataliamiyar