• Style Guide: Dark Rooms

  • Style Guide: Dark Rooms

    Dark rooms are often sadly misjudged as dreary. I find them cosy and inviting.  The trick is to be liberal in the use of a dark hue and to paint the skirtings, walls and cornicing all in the same colour. I add the ceiling for good measure but admit that is too bold a move for many. Dark colours should be matt and chalky unless it’s a lacquer finish which is terribly stylish.  I love squid-ink black, petrol blue, pigeon grey, bottle green, aubergine, chocolate brown…

    It is virtually impossible to have art look out of place on a dark wall. Both an eighteenth century still life in an ornate gilt frame or a contemporary, glossy photograph floating in a white frame would work equally well.  A dark wall is a wonderful anchor for a colourful, salon-style hanging of a group works of art.  As with all rooms, good lighting is critical so we make sure we have plenty of lights at different levels (ceiling, walls and table) with dimmers to create a moody, elegant glow.

  • The walls, ceiling and woodwork of this bedroom (above) are painted in a wonderful smokey black-blue shade fabulously called BTWN Dog & Wolf by Paint & Paper Library. Pops of white on the framing and art mats keep the room feeling fresh.

    The dark greenish grey walls of this game room come to life with a vibrantly coloured silk velvet sofa, patterned ottomans and the Warhol Marilyn prints (right).

    19/01/2017s, By nataliamiyar