• Style Guide: Five Items to Invest In

  • Style Guide: Five Items to Invest In

    Buying for your home can be costly, especially when taking on a large project. I find its important to splurge on items that are going to make the most impact on the overall design and change the way you live. Also, by spending on these key items, you are supporting the arts and quality craftsmanship. Collaborating with talented craftspeople is one of the best parts of my job. Here are the top five items I never compromise on when sourcing for a project.

    Specialist Finishes
    We work often with the team at Matthew Bray and Matthew Collins Studio to create unique pieces of art that create a showstopping experience in a room. For example, this green resin table, inspired by pieces of malachite, was created with a highly pigmented resin and then combed using a handmade one and a half metre long brush working on a spindle. This attention to detail is what sets this table apart from anything that could be purchased off a showroom floor.

    I believe that lighting is one of the most important aspects of a design as it can completely transform the mood of a room. A handmade chandelier in a dining room, for example, will create a focal point that elevates the entire look. Here, a bespoke chandelier feels like an art piece within the room.

  • Sofa
    A sofa is the anchor of the whole living space and is an investment piece that will last decades. This bespoke tuxedo style sofa in our Cultivated project is the ultimate in luxury in a buttery soft velvet from De Le Cuona. It’s important to choose quality fabrics for a piece you will sit on every day.

    Bespoke Rug
    A rug grounds the space and ties together the whole scheme. A well-made rug will only get better with time so it’s a great place to invest. At the Atelier, we are often inspired by works of art and we work with artisans to bring our vision to life.

    Bed or Headboard
    In many of my projects, I often create a bespoke bed in a statement fabric. It is a relatively small expanse so you can have fun with a bold pattern. With the bed anchoring the design, it is easy to save on accents to complete the space.

    16/03/2021s, By nataliamiyar