• Style Guide: Geometric Influences in Interiors

  • Style Guide: Geometric Influences in Interiors

    Repeating a pattern or geometrics is something I do often in my projects, sometimes planned, sometimes intuitively. In the apartment I designed at The Broadway, the interiors were guided by the strong geometric lines in the architecture of the building and we took these forms as the starting point for sculptural furniture, the fabrics and patterns in the rugs.

    A pair of travertine coffee tables in the living room echo the design of the trapeze shaped windows.

  • In the dining room, the geometric yet fluid design of a sculpture is a focal point in front of the perpendicular City of London skyline. I love how its form seems to be imitated in the glass pendant hung over the table.

    Deeply textured floating bedside tables are a nod to the geometric influences in the architecture and complement the lamps. The delicate yet striking pattern of the cushion reinforces the theme.

    12/01/2022s, By nataliamiyar