• Style Guide: How to Buy Art for Your Home

  • Style Guide: How to Buy Art for Your Home

    My background in art history and architecture is the anchor of my work. Art history was fascinating to study. You learn so much about a time and place through art – it is the tangible expression of cultural narrative and aspiration. I think that’s why I believe the homes I design should be an individual expression of my client’s life.

    When it comes to building a personal art collection, I always recommend trusting your tastes. Buy things you want to look at every day; don’t be distracted by recommendations from others. Equally, don’t be in a hurry. It takes time to hone your eye. Start by buying a few small pieces and see how they work in your home before investing in anything expensive. I’m not a fan of art matching the interiors; contrast is so much more engaging!

  • When choosing pieces, I always look at online auctions and visit art fairs to see what’s out there. I recently discovered LA artist Hiejin Yoo. Abstracted pops of colour and bold layered marks are some of the defining features of her artwork. I particularly love the piece which sits in the entrance to our Timeless project.

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    30/09/2020s, By nataliamiyar