• Style Guide: How To Create an Outdoor Oasis

  • Style Guide: How To Create an Outdoor Oasis

    With summer just around the corner, we are imagining warmer days ahead and enjoying the outdoors more. Whether entertaining friends or just curling up with a good book, here is how to create the ultimate outdoor entertaining space.

    Create Privacy
    To truly create an oasis in your backyard or balcony, privacy is key. I often use large planters of tall hedges to create a sense of seclusion. Outdoor curtains are also a great way to create a resort-like atmosphere, perfect for intimate gatherings over an al fresco dinner.

    Comfortable Seating
    I like to treat outdoor seating like an extension of the indoor space. I don’t usually choose a set of all matching furniture – an eclectic look is so much more interesting. Layer a sofa or love seat with lots of cushions in patterned outdoor fabrics to create the perfect lounging spot. A copper or marble coffee table can finish the space, providing the perfect location for a cocktail when entertaining friends.

  • Add Greenery
    In an urban setting, it’s difficult to create that vacation-like experience. I like to add an abundance of oversized pots with tropical greenery. One of my favourite destinations for amazing pots is Bronzino. Each container is handmade by artisans using solid sheets of copper. They really make a statement.

    After many months in lockdown, we’re dreaming of travel to far off destinations to feel restful and restored. These tips will help you create that space right in your backyard or balcony, no matter what the size.

    05/05/2021s, By nataliamiyar