• Style Guide: How To Style A Console

  • Style Guide: How To Style A Console

    Whether in an entrance hall, dining room, or bedroom a console is a versatile piece of furniture that can create an impact in your space. Read my styling tips below and learn how to bring the whole look together.

    Less is More
    Instead of filling a console with many small objects that can distract, I like to keep it streamlined. I choose interesting pieces, like vintage painted boxes, that are special enough to stand on their own and become a conversation piece.

    Add a Statement Piece Above
    Whether it’s an eye-catching piece of art or a statement mirror, choose a large-scale piece that can anchor the console on the wall above. The mirror shown here is one of my favourites featured in my London apartment. I love how the sliced agate adds subtle interest above the vintage console.

  • Add Height for Visual Interest
    I find that asymmetry is much more interesting than a perfectly balanced vignette. I like to offset a console on one side with either a statement lamp, usually from my good friend at Tyson London, or an incredible display of florals in an interesting vase.

    Stand Back and Edit
    Just like styling bookshelves, styling a console is never a one and done process. Place a few items, then stand back and see what is working and what can be switched out. I am always collecting new items on my travels, so I like to switch out pieces in my own home, so I am constantly inspired.

    07/12/2020s, By nataliamiyar