• Style Guide: Kitchen and Bathroom Trends

  • Style Guide: Kitchen and Bathroom Trends

    In my design practice, I am constantly evolving and never like to do the same thing twice. I am always looking for what is next and how to incorporate trends in a way that looks timeless. I had the opportunity to sit down with Homes and Gardens to reveal the current kitchen and bathroom trends catching my eye.

    Statement Marble
    Marbles with naturally strong veining add statement value and create a textural contrast between other polished surfaces, metals, and woods.

    Dark Drama
    I often break away from safe neutrals in favour of sumptuous, darker tones where possible. I like to use the same dark stone for the floor, walls, and vanity unit to create an earthy glamour to the space.

  • Mixed Materials
    Marble, wood and metallics complement each other well with different shades of wood and metal often bringing warmth and contrast to a cold marble surface.

    Metallic Glamour
    Use warmer metallic tones such as copper and brass. They create visual impact and change the mood from functional to indulgent.

    Mindfulness Sanctuary
    Incorporate natural materials and calming neutrals to create a perfect environment for relaxation and rejuvenation. I always add scented candles in a bathroom to create that spa glow.

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    12/10/2020s, By nataliamiyar