• Style Guide: Secret to the Perfect Bedroom Sanctuary

  • Style Guide: Secret to the Perfect Bedroom Sanctuary

    One of my favourite parts of traveling is staying in a well-designed hotel bedroom. Since the start of the pandemic in March, travel has been greatly reduced and we are spending more time than ever in our own homes. Now is the time to add a few hotel comforts to create your own bedroom sanctuary at home. I had the pleasure of speaking with Homes and Gardens to offer my top 4 tips for creating a bedroom oasis.

    Use Soft Furnishings to Establish Your Colour Palette
    For me, one of the key elements of any hotel room is a comfortable bed with high quality bedding and beautiful, colourful cushions to make it look inviting and stylish. I like to source a colourful throw to add interest and texture at the end of the bed.

    Ensure You Have the Right Lighting Scheme
    Lighting is a key aspect of designing any room, but it is crucial in the bedroom. I love sourcing statement lamps for the bedside tables, dressing tables or desks as well as floor lamps to soften the tone and inject more colour and texture into the room.

  • Invite Nature Indoors
    I like to include extra touches which are often found in a hotel room such as a small vase of delicately scented flowers on a bedside table.

    Ignite The Senses
    The sense of smell is a very important design element that I never overlook. I always place a few candles with different scents in the bedroom that can be lit depending on mood or time of day.

    As the holidays are upon us, these tips can be used to update your guest bedroom in preparation for family and friends who might be staying with you over the holiday season. Your guests will never forget the hotel-like experience.

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    23/11/2020s, By nataliamiyar