• Style Guide: Sunny Accent Colours

  • Style Guide: Sunny Accent Colours

    Orange and yellow are wonderful accent colours. They are the colours of the sun and pack quite a punch, injecting vibrancy and warmth into a room. Even in small doses they create maximum impact and work well with virtually any style. I often look to nature for putting interesting but natural colour combinations together.  Our Relaxed living room is a symphony of patterns in minky greys, cream and charcoal and we added a bold colour block throw in vibrant orange, cream and grey from The New Craftsmen to complete the space.

    A soft base in natural tones offsets the strength of the accent colours. A neutral palette doesn’t have to be boring if you layer textures and small pattern. Large pieces in the room should be neutral but a chair or bench upholstered in a bold pattern in yellow or orange looks fantastic. Soft cushions combine the different colours in the room to pull it together.

  • Art, accessories and flowers are wonderful places for adding sunny colours in a room. Orange and yellow flowers look fantastic in most rooms although I wouldn’t use them in the room with soft furnishings in the same colours.

    The cool palette of grey, green and cream in this guest bedroom is lifted by a vibrantly coloured work of art (above); a subtle injection of colour in a master bedroom comes from this vintage ashtray I found in Paris (right).

    30/01/2017s, By nataliamiyar