• Style Guide: Tablescapes

  • Style Guide: Tablescapes

    There are few things I love more than setting a beautiful table. There is something quite magical about being invited to dinner and finding a table set with style. I enjoy maximalist tables with lush displays of flowers and colour. I equally enjoy lavish spreads of delicious food and wine!

    I start planning my tables as soon as I know I’m hosting an event. In fact, I’ve been known to host an event just because I have an idea for a fabulous table! One of my favourites this year was my Thanksgiving table. I wanted to evoke the feeling of a harvest bounty in a more modern way. Gourds and mini pumpkins are scattered around arrangements of pastel autumn flowers with shots of almost black chocolate Cosmos. The handmade marble plates I found in Paris and I absolutely love them.



  • My Christmas table reinterprets the classic red and green colour combination in a natural and glamorous way. Inspired by the vibrant shades in semi-precious stones, malachite stoneware plates and Murano glasses that look like they have been carved from agate anchor the scheme. Winter foliage, pine cones and richly coloured amaryllis are lit by the warmth of candlelight.  Let the party begin!

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    19/12/2019s, By nataliamiyar